Thursday, March 20, 2014


Staying at home without anybody to talk to and no one to hug me at that exact moment due to everyone being busy, and having wifi with no data access, only led me to having thought of one of the most amazing ideas ever (in my opinion at least).

I've been scrolling through my old shots yesterday only to see that I didn't seem know what inspiration was anymore. My passion for photography started with one picture - that one shot that changed it all. I didn't get to finish reliving my story because I felt sad by the fact that I grew tired of photography. Let's just say that I wasn't happy anymore and that I had this friend, desperately trying to spare me from my misery.

I was always one to feel happy if the people around me were happy as well. So here's what I did. It was pretty risky and we might as well say that I was rather FC (feeling close) last night.

I went about chatting people up on Facebook Messenger - only because it was the only application working - and asked a number of people the question "Are you okay today?" I've received a bunch of replies asking why I took the time to ask them that. I merely replied with that I thought of first: "I just feel that the world needed happy vibes today. :)"

Well, there were several people who ignored my message and probably got weirded out by me, and in all honesty, I got hurt at first, but then I decided that I had to keep firing. 

Moving on, I told people that whatever problems or things they were going through right now, they didn't have to face them alone and that they could message me anytime they needed a friend.

This post is dedicated to those I weren't able to chat up last night because either I didn't see you online or we aren't friends on Facebook. I want to take the time to tell you: Are you okay today? Remember that you have a friend right here so do feel free to message or chat me up whenever you need one. Chin up my darlings, you're better than this. So keep smiling and spread the happiness!

Being given the chance to cheer people up last night has been an amazing opportunity and a great experience as well. I want to thank that friend who has shared the happiness to me and also supported me all the way even though my idea was probably one of the most random things ever. Thanks for having me share the happiness you've shared to me. :)

If you enjoyed this read, please do share it with your friends so they can share them happy vibes and as always, comments your thoughts down below, and I'll see you in my next post!


Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Things You Should Know About.............. WHO ARE WE TALKING 'BOUT AGAIN?

Now guess who this goofball is writing about again! That's right; it's about my teacher at school. Charmaine Rabot, a sunny English teacher who goes by the name Ms. Dasco, is all about laughs and having fun as she teaches students how English is a great subject.

I really like her as a teacher and as a person and so I thought: Hey! How about feature someone and share some things about him or her? And so, before I continue rambling on about who knows what, here are 10 things we both think we should know about her! :D

  1. I eat alot.
  2. I'm addicted to coffee. (My stress buster.)
  3. When I was in grade school, I threw away my grandma's pack of cigarette. I did it weekly and it was never discovered/known by her. (I did it because I had the notion of if you smoke, you will die early.)
  4. I studied Special Education for my MA: Mater's Degree.
  5. I feel totally undone if I'm not wearing concealer. (I have dark under eyes.) :)
  6. I'm not against technology, but I can't see myself using Kindle anytime soon. I love the smell of new books.
  7. I don't eat eggplant & pork blood stew.
  8. I was a member of our school's cultural dance troupe when I was in high school
  9. My goal in teaching: I want all students to speak up and share their ideas.
  10. My goal in teaching: Nobody should be left behind.
  11. I LOVE CATS! :")

This coming from a dascolly awkward student of hers, is well, awkward. I think these are the things people would definitely want to know as to getting to know a great person as well!

That's it guys! Til' next time!
This is Jessy So; signing off.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bridgers All The Way

Here's a little something I'd most definitely want my batchmates, Bridge students, to read. I hope you guys don't get the wrong idea upon reading this. I hope everyone who reads this doesn't think of this as a bad thing or such. I do wish the best to everyone. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Maybe PM me on Facebook, DM me on Twitter, add me up on Viber so we can talk?

Dear Bridge students,

What happened to us Bridge people? We used to live a happy life      being with our group of people meant everything before. We would always team up when it came to competing with other batches. What happened to that spirit, to that connection we all seemed to have? What happened to being batchmates?

The fact that all of us are breaking apart only saddens me all the more. Plus, I believe that not one should purely be blamed for all things cuz this is high school. We all make mistakes.

Sure, high school may be hard and challenging at times, but respect is all that we seek here. Honestly speaking, we all wouldn't be like this if it weren't for the administration of the school.

We wouldn't be die-hard academic ninjas with not much of a social life if it weren't for the school. We wouldn't be popular jocks or school queens if it weren't for the school. We would never have been batchmates for no reason if it weren't for the school. We would have such different lives right now if we didn't study here.

Regulars, I know it gets annoying that teachers compare you people to the intensive peeps like us. Well, I believe they mean well. I think it's just their way of telling you guys to look at us and consider us as role models and do good in your studies. Teachers wouldn't want their students to fail cuz it hurts as a mentor to see how your effort is put to waste, how you're supposed to do only one job and fail so badly.

Teachers, adjusting as to the IQ levels of students may get annoying at times especially when you get used to a certain brain-sided kind of people. But that's okay. I understand.

Intensive kids, I can't exactly say that laughing is wrong. I mean, laughing makes us one. If others can't see that, well... They won't and never will understand.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Teachers defend their case. Regulars defend their people. Intensives side with their own group of people. But when you look at it, it is we ourselves who is raging this war. And this is because we refuse to listen, to understand. We refuse to change our point of view and try to see what other people see.

Sometimes, when we say something, others may not understand. Others get confused by this and ask how others cannot understand a thing as simple as this. But it may be something that is hard for them to understand. Not all are inclined to the things we find interesting and fun. Others may have a totally different understanding as to what we say. Others will have that special something that we won't seem to have and that makes up our individuality. You see, no matter how you look at it, no two are exactly the same.

We don't like seeing the bigger picture because what we think we are doing is right. We begin to forget why we are all here. We forget that undeniable reason as to why we all met. So why don't we use this opportunity to ponder what our lives would be without the people we knew to have been and are still our friends. 

Don't you guys see that this is what breaks all of us? I mean, I'm positive that deep inside, we all care. Once we see devastations life brings, we feel something. We don't seem affected; life continues to go on.

It's like the recent typhoon Haiyan, leaving thousands maimed and scarred for life. And this shouldn't be a reason to blame the government on their shortcomings. This should be giving us an even bigger reason to work as one! We are growing to distanct with each other.

People think of different things when girls like me hang out with boys. So why is this? Why do girls have to be so bog-allergic and boys be an anti-girls association? Either way it's because we refuse to talk and listen to the opposite gender. We refuse to understand. And this eventually shows us all how selfish beings people are.

This should be our year. We'll be the first and last batch to be considered 'Bridge'. People won't even call us 'Originals'. But that's what makes us different. This is our year! Shouldn't we be making the most of it? As a whole? I don't mind if you guys won't read this nor would you understand. I understand that our generation isn't one of "long-handed" letters. So much has changed us and we don't even see that. We must move. As. As a whole. As a network. As a group. And always as a team.

Thank you all because life as I know it now will never EVER be the same without you.

Your favorite blogger and photographer,
Jessy So

Monday, November 11, 2013

Prismatic Hope

I went to school today feeling more groggy than ever, and so I almost fell asleep whilst seated in the car.

Fast forward to the first period - Math class. I saw something outside the windows and requested for the blinds to be brought up even for a brief amount of time. My classmates must've gotten the hint and everyone's eyes made their way to the windows. Everyone stopped solving and doing whatever they were doing and used minimal amount of time to admire the beauty of the view we saw.

Seeing rainbows is definitely an awe inspiring sight for me. I don't know if it's just me, but rainbows help me think better sometimes. And they seem to come up almost everytime I need one. And for some unknown reason, upon seeing a rainbow today, it gave me hope. I'm not exactly sure as to what that hope was for but it was real and there's not denying that I really felt.

Til' next time!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Be Selfish Not

Heeeeey! Happy Sunday everyone! :))

And so, having to wake up early is still a bummer. However, church was nice. :)

Something happened, something that I'll most definitely never forget. An elder sister approached me today on the first floor of our church asking me if I was to attend the assembly. Of course, I smiled and said yes. She invited me to attend the assembly. She invited ME to go up with HER.

I told her that I was waiting for my mom to come and so she waited with me. All the while I was thinking why she wouldn't go away, why I - of all people - had to go with her. Now, I probably sound like some random brat out there in the big world we all live in right now, but that's not the point!

We waited; my mom came. We all went up in the elevator, and she went in ahead of us, while I called my sister and friend to go down and sit with me. As the 3 of us youngsters went in the assembly hall, getting seated, I see her sitting a row in front of us.

After singing a couple of songs, we all get seated and wait for the message. While, I, on the other hand, could only think of one thing: "How much more selfish could I be?"  Why didn't I see that she just wanted someone to accompany her, someone to just be there for her? How could I not have seen in her eyes that she just needed a person to stay with her? What kind of Christian does this make me not helping the church? And this bothers me so much to the point of having to blog about it.

I've never been a fan of seeing old people walk in the streets with no one with them, yet how come I myself didn't do anything when it was already her who approached me. You know what guys, it's so easy to be bad. It's so easy to be selfish. Our innards are filled with impurities. But what can we get from being bad? Would brief happiness bring forth something good later on? Definitely not.

This experience has surely been an eye opener for me and one that I'll never forget. We are blinded with the evil that surrounds us, so why not move? Why not open our eyes to see the reality, the ugly sad truth of the world we live in right now? Why not try to make a difference rather than do nothing at all? We see things and want to change them, but do we act? I hope we can all learn from my experience and consider these questions every now and then.

If you liked this story, I hope you do share it to your friends, family, people you know at school or work, etc. so others can read about it too. As always, feel free to comment your thoughts down below, and I'll see you next time! Baiiiii! :))